Adorn & Affirm

Adorn & affirm is a way of living anchored in intention and affirmation. It is a practice of mindfulness, which is one of the most powerful skills we can develop to exercise conscious choice moment by moment to create the lives we desire.

Heorth emerged out of an inquiry into how in our material world we can stay attuned to our soulful aspirations?

How can we bring mindfulness and intention into our daily round?

What are simple yet potent ways to stay keep our intentions present throughout the day?

What can function as reminders of what we are aiming for rather than defaulting into old patterns?

Adorn & Affirm is grounded in ancient practices.

Adorn & Affirm is as old of an idea as people gathering around the Heorth to share personal stories to better understand who we are as individuals, parse the meaning of our life experiences, toss doubts as well as dreams into the fire.

Looking back to our ancestors we remembered that the act of adorning ourselves and the adornments we wear were originally powerful expressions of personal identity, orientation and aspiration.

Bringing active attention to how we engage with our adornments creates pathways for mindfulness by making what we already do as a part of our routine, a practice that supports our intentions and reinforces our affirmations.

Adorn & Affirm informs the approach we take to designing our pieces.

The inspiration for each of our collections invites the wearer into a process of personal inquiry and engagement with affirmation. In this process of active engagement, each adornment is a potent touchstone that carries symbolic meaning.

If you are interested in exploring the concept and symbolic meaning inherent in the collections, please peruse our journal. Here you will find articles, like the one on the Union Collection, that share the inquiries behind pieces and the depth of symbolic meanings from a variety of traditions connected to each piece.