The truth of interconnectedness is inherently and powerfully built into our Heorth Affiliate Program as it harnesses the power of like-minded entrepreneurs to cross-pollinate networks to share opportunities.

The Heorth Affiliate Program program offers a passive income opportunity to individuals who have an established web presence,  social media network or brick and mortar business.

It is this simple for our affiliates:

1. We provide seasonal banners (example above) presenting our designs and concept with a free shipping or discount code to place on an affiliate's website and use in marketing materials.
 2. Affiliates receive a quarterly 15% commission on purchases made by visitors to our site who use the code from the affiliate site, mailing or printed material.
3. Affiliates receive an affiliate referral bonus of 5% of total sales from any entrepreneur who becomes an affiliate based on recommendation and referral.
4. Affiliates with the desire and opportunity to sell at a brick and mortar location or live events can request inventory.
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