Our creative collaboration is rich in universal symbolism and practical considerations for empowering impact.


Symbols and metaphor are at the heart of all human communication and creation. Understanding the ways thoughts, beliefs, intentions and aspirations are reinforced through symbols is enlightening and empowering.

At Heorth we identify and explore aspects of the individual and collective represented in symbol, archetype and metaphor. Our intention is to create adornments that support active relationships with the potential within all of us to heal, grow, evolve, create, connect, serve, thrive….

Each aspect of the creative process is oriented toward honing an essential theme, asking a central question and then, creating designs that reflect this potential to evolve.


In our design process we are exploring questions of universal significance. We ask ourselves: What are we here to express? What is our impact in the world? What should we devote ourselves to? How does love express through us? What do we aspire to be in our lives? How do we manifest our creative potential?

We engage with symbols and metaphor to create mindfully designed original adornments. Our pieces are touchstones for intention, aspiration and affirmation.

Our designs reflect the conceptual inquiries that inspire our collections. Our Adorn & Affirm practice carries the intentionality of this process into the lives of those who engage with our pieces.


Our fabrication process honors a powerful truth of the modern world: each decision we make as a consumer ripples through the environment and the lives of other people with either positive or negative effect.

We select sources for precious metals that carry the Harmony recycled precious metals and Fairmined assurance label and select only conflict-free gemstones.

Beyond these ethical and environmental considerations, we encourage the wearers of our pieces to adopt the adorn and affirm lifestyle. This desire is grounded in an understanding that valuing meaningful choices and choosing quality over quantity supports individual and collective well-being in ways that cannot be quantified.

…and the internal world.