Stories told, designs unfold.

Understanding the history and identity that encompasses each individual and couple is an essential part of the process; from this foundation a unique design comes to light.

1. Inspiration

Prior to the initial meeting, it's helpful for our lead designer and jeweler, Poppy to receive a few details about the desired piece of jewelry. Please fill out the Custom Inquiry Form here, or schedule a brief phone consultation.

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2. Collaboration

Next is the initial meeting (in-person or via phone). Poppy will ask some questions in order to get to know the individual and/or couple. All are welcome to bring examples and descriptions to the "drawing board."

3. Concept

The stories and inspirations will then guide the conceptual design. Sketches, renderings and sometimes physical samples will be presented along with a written proposal.

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I'm excited to work with you!

                                                                  xo Poppy