“Seed” 24k Gold Stud Earrings
“Seed” 24k Gold Stud Earrings

“Seed” 24k Gold Stud Earrings (single or pair)


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An individual “seed” of pure gold, set delicately on a golden post to create the most unique stud earring that anyone will find.

• material: 24k gold “seed” and 14k gold post and butterfly back

• finish options: high polish or matte

• measurement options (approximate diameter in millimeters): mini (1.5mm)   small  (2.5mm)   medium (3.5mm)

Adorn with Intention

Our Seed Design Symbolizes: Potential – New Beginnings – Growth

  • Inquiry: What latent potential within you is it time to germinate and bring to fruition?
  • Affirmation: I honor and nurture the seeds of potential within me.

When you purchase a Seed adornment, our Adorn with Intention guided meditation will be sent to your inbox. Using it to explore the symbolism behind this design, you will create a personal intention to connect to your chosen adornment. Your Seed becomes a touchstone, reminding you of the potential within you to begin a new cycle of growth in any season of life.

Additional Information

  • How to clean, care for and adorn your newly acquired piece, find this information on our Be Inspired page.
  • Our adornments are hand-crafted and many made to order, therefore 2-10 days are needed to process and fabricate. If an item is needed sooner, please email us at orders@heorth.com and we’ll do our best to honor your requested timeline.
  • Alterations and additional services are possible. Please visit our Policies, Shipping & Services page for more information.


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